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All For A Girl by EmeraldChild2244 Fiction T
16-Year-old Grace lives in Australia and is hopelessly addicted to One Direction...
Lost and Found by Ootnaboot Fiction M
Evie moves to London with a fantastic job and a great paycheck. One accidental...
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Story of My Life by bobsmith3030 Fiction T
When Emma Johnson meets One Direction by chance, she instantly hits it off with...
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Everything I wanted, Nothing I'll ever need by I_love_BooBear Fiction K
This is my story. It's not sad. It's not Happy. It's life. I am 19 and yet still...
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MIA - New Contest
I am so sorry for being MIA for so long but I'm back now and I have read some of your stories and they are all awesome. To apologize I will announce the winner of the Larry Stylinson contest in a few hours but I'm also introducing a new contest. The prize will be big and worth it so look out for details about that.

--Admin on 31 Oct 2012 3:10 pm 41 Comments